Sarah Palmer

Sarah Palmer

You might smile when you first look at one of Sarah Palmer’s paintings or drawings. You’ll see characters who are funny, eccentric, grotesque. You’ll see a finely crafted work of art. Different. Pleasant.

Then take a closer look. You’ll see characters begin to reveal themselves. You’ll see something happening here. You’ll see a story unfolding.

Before Sarah begins a painting or drawing, she imagines a story. She spends weeks creating a work of art that tells that story. The story is told by the characters: exaggerated hands, expressive eyes, strange situations. The story is told with icons: animals, plants, unworldly creatures.

Sarah’s genius is in shifting our perceptions. Every time you look at one of her works you see something new. Something you hadn’t noticed before: a glint in the eye, the subtle position of a hand, a hidden animal, an incongruous colour. Every time you look at one of Sarah’s works you can imagine a different story.

Sarah’s art is beautiful and challenging. Spend a few moments with each of her paintings, drawings and sketches. Then return to the site again to experience them afresh.

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Arms Wrapped Around Me

Bathroom Mama


Chasing Her Love

Childs Play

Cocktail Party

Coming Out

Dancers with Radio


Dunce Cap


Flower Power

Guess What

Lady with Some Birds

Living in a Fishbowl

Marionettes Unhinged

Pas Deux, Mais

Portuguese Women

Rose and Beau

Tea Party

The Family

The Garden

The Smokerette

Three Sisters

Waiting for a Train

Wand, Girl, Bird and Dachshund

What am I and Who

Birds on Skirt

Catholic Saint with Bird

Child with Balloon

Circus and More

Fine Fish for Supper

Globe Trotter

Halloween Dance

Keeping Time

Last Moments of Childhood

Lucky with Hearts

My Community

Row Row the Boat

Skaters on Ice


Acorn Lady

Acorn Man

Albanian Student

Better than a Bra

Boys will be Boys

Caught in the Act

Dancer with Squirrel

First Contact

Fortune Cookie

How Touching

I Feel Pretty

In Control

Juggling with Dog

Kick Ball

Lessons in Chemistry

Ms Liberace

My Pet Pig

Row Your Boat

The Acorn Man's Party

The Morning After

There, There

Charles Palmer