Sarah Palmer

Sarah Palmer

“People usually smile when they look at one of Sarah’s paintings or drawings. They see characters who are funny, eccentric, and often grotesque. They see something different. Something pleasant. But when they take a closer look, the characters begin to reveal themselves. There’s something happening here. There’s a story.

Sarah starts each painting and drawing with a story. She spends weeks creating a work of art that tells that story. The story is told by the characters: exaggerated hands, expressive eyes, strange settings. The story is told with icons: animals, plants, unworldly creatures.

Sarah’s genius is in shifting our perceptions. Every time you look at one of her works you see something new. Something you hadn’t noticed before: a glint in the eye, the subtle position of a hand, a hidden animal, an incongruous colour. Every time you look at one of Sarah’s works you can imagine a different story.

I find Sarah’s art to be beautiful and challenging. I encourage you to spend a few moments with each of her paintings, drawings and sketches and to return to the site again to experience them afresh.

After you’ve seen Sarah’s work, please click on the ARTICLES button to read more about her and her art.”

Anton Dimnik, Art Ignotum



Dunce Cap

Childs Play


Painter with Passion


Flower Power

Mother and Child in Garden

Fairy Tale with Airplane

Living in a Fishbowl

Tea Party

Arms Wrapped Around Me

Dancers with Radio

Spring Magic

Outside In

Row, Row the Boat

My Community

Skaters on Ice

Globe Trotter

Circus and More


Fine Fish for Supper

Birds on Skirt

The Challenge

Walking Dog and Cat

Shy Couple

Blue Dancer

Over Whelmed

Together Forever

Sing me a Song

Life in the City


Charles Palmer